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The EcoPlus multifunctional system is the result of the comprehensive Research&Development duties that Euroservhi has been carrying out during the last few years. This innovative system is the only ambivalent device in the market, and it gathers all the hygiene and air freshener options that currently exist.

The device has a dual cam engine which is completely new in the market and allows you to activate two refills in a completely independent way.

Thanks to a simple programming, which can be performed when installing the device, you can select between three working modes.

Diagrama Bacteriostatico Ecoplus Modo limpiador Diagrama Bacteriostatico Ecoplus Modo limpiador Diagrama Bacteriostatico Ecoplus Modo limpiador
Mixed Mode Cleaning Mode Air Freshener Mode

Mixed Mode

The mixed mode works with two refills at the same time, in order to clean, sanitise and control the bad smells that the pipes cause, as well as freshen the bathrooms. It’s the definitive solution for the proper maintenance of bathrooms.

Cleaning Mode

The cleaning mode is designed for those who just want perfect maintenance conditions for pipes and toilets. The device doses a new innovative Bio-Enzymatic product through a refill of 690ml.

Air Freshener Mode

For further information about the air freshener mode click here.

The appliance has a small size, a really attractive design, and a very simple installation and maintenance.


  • Dimensions: 24 x 7 x 18 cms.
  • Materials: the core is made of Polyamide and the front cover of ABS.
  • Power: 3 x D/LR20 size alkaline batteries.
  • Electronic card with a reset button and 2 LEDs indicators.
  • 11 units / box
  • Security key


The composition of the refills used in the multifunction EcoPlus system is especially designed for the hygienisation of toilets and the air freshening of bathrooms.

The cleaning refills are made up of an exclusive Bio-Enzymatic component, which is biodegradable and not corrosive. This innovative product removes the dirt of pipes, consequently avoiding blockages, and, in addition to this, it thoroughly cleans the toilets surface.

The air freshener refills, in turn, are made up of an exclusive hydro-alcoholic solution that gives off a pleasant and, at the same time, an intense smell.

We place at your disposal a wide range of fragrances that fit any environment.

Technical characteristics:
  • Mixed mode capacity: 2 bottles of 330ml.
  • Cleaning mode capacity: 690ml.
  • Air freshener mode capacity: 690ml.
  • Sealed valve and perfume diffuser.
  • 6 units / box of 690ml.
  • 6 units / box of 330+330ml.

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