Bacteriostatico Pulver


The Pulver multifunctional system combines the concepts of the toilet maintenance and air freshening of bathrooms. With a stylish design and only 6cms depth, it is one of the thinnest devices currently available on the market.

This system has 2 engines that work in an independent way and perform two different functions.

On the one hand, there is an engine that activates the cleaning refill, which expels a fixed amount of liquid in programmed intervals. The cleaning product sanitises and thoroughly cleans the pipes and toilets surface. Therefore, it’s not necessary to press the toilet button, as the liquid is constantly working.

On the other hand, the fan engine carries out a forced and controlled evaporation of the air freshener refill. This is achieved by means of a high porosity cellulose fuse that has been designed exclusively for this product.

The installation is fast and easy. EuroServhi provides you with all the necessary materials to get it working.

  • Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 23 cms.
  • Materials: Polypropylene and glass fiber.
  • Power: 2 x D/LR20 size alkaline batteries.
  • Electronic card with a reset button and 2 LEDs indicators.
  • 11 units / box
  • Security key


The components of the refills are specifically designed for the use for which they are intended. The function of the cleaning refill is to clean the toilets and the dirt of the pipes.

The air freshener refill gives a powerful fragrance punch to the washrooms, no matter how frequent it is visited. We have a comprehensive range of fragrances.

  • Cleaning refill capacity: 630ml.
  • Air freshener refill capacity: 90ml.
  • Sealed valve for total safety.
  • 6 refills / box. Refill = air freshener refill + cleaning refill + fuse.

  • EcoPlus
    Bacterioestatico Eco Plus

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