Ambientador Ecoplus

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The EcoPlus air freshener, designed and manufactured by Euroservhi, is a revolutionary device at international level.

The formula is made up of a hydro-alcoholic solution containing 690ml, the duration of the refill reaches 2 complete months staying on 24 hours a day and it can freshen up areas up to 80m2.

The installation is very easy, as it is battery powered and electric current is not needed.

The maintenance of the appliance is very simple as well, due to the user-friendly interface to check the battery level, a verification touch button and a reset of the impulse counter.

In addition, this air freshener can perfectly fit anywhere, thanks to its warm colours and organic design, which looks like a drop of water.

Diagrama Ambientacion EcoPlus


  • Dimensions: 24 x 7 x 18 cms.
  • Materials: Core made of Polyamide / Front cover of ABS.
  • Power: 3 x D/LR20 size alkaline batteries.
  • Electronic card with reset button and 2 LEDs indicators.
  • 11 units / box.
  • Security key.


Recambios EcoPlus Air Freshener

The refills are made up of an exclusive hydro-alcoholic solution that gives off a pleasant and fresh scent. Each refill generates up to 7000 pulsations, which is equivalent to 2 months duration.

We place at your disposal a wide variety of scents that will suit any place; shops, restaurants, offices and so on.


  • Capacity: 690ml.
  • Valve and fragrance diffuser.
  • 6 units / box.

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