Air Freshener Systems

EuroServhi places at your disposal a wide range of scent diffusers and odour control systems.

We are increasingly exposed to air pollutants and the air freshener products of Euroservhi offer a solution for all kinds of problems and areas.

Thanks to the revolutionary Nebumax fragrance nebulizer we can freshen up areas of up to 400 m² with a pleasant scent.

The EcoPlus scent diffuser gives off a wide range of delicate fragrances which guarantee the best possible air freshening experience in areas of up to 100 m² for 2 months.

To tackle the odour control problems and solve them once and for all, EuroServhi has designed the Odour Removal Columns.

The raw materials used for the refills manufacture are of the highest quality and its exclusive composition result in the best solution to freshen up a space.

  • NebuMax
    Ambientador Ecoplus
  • EcoPlus
    Ambientador Microspray
  • Odour Removal
    Ambientador Inhibodoras olor

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