The Company

EuroServhi (Europea de Servicios e Higiene, S.A.) is a company that was founded in 1989 in the north of Spain.

Initially, the main activity of the company was the provision of hygiene services. Nowadays its client list amounts to 6.000, providing 50.000 services a month, with 14 regional offices distributed all over Spain.

In 2005, EuroServhi created a Research & Development department with the aim of developing its own unique solutions, in order to fulfil the new needs that the market was demanding.

Since then, EuroServhi has developed and commercialised a wide range of products for all areas of the commercial washroom, including sanitary bins, multifunctional systems intended to sanitise and freshen bathrooms, automatic fragrance dispensers, paper and soap dispensers, etc.

Thanks to the experience achieved giving hygiene services to our own clients, we can also offer all the support you might need.

We are a sound company, committed with health, safety and the conservation of the environment, which stands out because of the great quality of our products, and we try to meet every single demand in a customised way, guaranteeing, above all, an efficient service.

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