Feminine Sanitary Bins

The Euroservhi feminine sanitary disposal unit is designed for the treatment and waste of sanitary towels and tampons in a hygienic and safe way.

This product is not a courtesy element anymore, but an essential item in any public bathroom, as it ensures optimum hygiene and cleaning in these areas.

The sanitary bins, as they have a big capacity, keep wastes safely for 30 days. A biocidal product is placed in the inside of the containers, annulling the microbiological growth and giving off a pleasant scent. The disposal can be carried out through both the use of a bag or the collection and replacement of the container.

This system helps preventing pipes blockages and generates multiple benefits regarding safety, cleaning and hygiene as well. We place at your disposal 2 models, which will surely meet your needs.

  • Eurofem
    Contenedor femenino
  • Original
    Contenedor dispensador

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