Multifunctional Systems

The cleaning and air freshener systems for bathrooms designed by Euroservhi are the solution to the maintenance problems of public access toilets.

EuroServhi has developed its own cleaning and freshening systems which are intended to solve all the maintenance problems of commercial washroom use.

These systems consist of a small electronic dispenser, battery powered, that through a simple installation allows you to keep your toilets completely clean and freshened at any moment.

All our products have 2 refills that perform an independent function. The cleaning refill periodically expels a small amount of product that cleans and sanitizes the toilets, removes the dirt deriving from the pipes and neutralises bad odours. The fragrance refill gives off a pleasant scent that creates a fresh environment all over the bathroom.

EuroServhi offers all the necessary materials for the installation and maintenance of these devices as well as all the demanded support. The refills used in both systems are made up of very specific and efficient components that last up to 2 months.

Euroservhi places at your disposal the ECOPLUS and PULVER hygiene systems, which are the most complete and innovative systems available on the market nowadays.

  • EcoPlus
  • Pulver

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