Odour Removal Columns

Sometimes we have to bear really unpleasant smells and we would like them to disappear. These smells can be caused by litter decomposition, defective water drainage, animal overcrowding or smokes.

There are many products claiming to remove these bad smells, but what they are really doing is to disguise them with a stronger one, and obviously, the result is not satisfactory.

The odour removal columns are the most efficient way to put an end to this problem by means of a forced and controlled evaporation of a refill, which lasts 2 months.

We offer you 2 different models of columns. The Original model is intended for the most demanding environments and the LED one for the most exclusive areas, since it has the appearance of a wall light.

Technical characteristics:
  • “Original” model dimensions: 10 x 10 x 28cms.
  • “Wall Light LED” model dimensions: 11 x 9 x 30cms.
  • “LED with base” model dimensions: 18 x 18 x 32cms.
  • Power: electric current: 220V.
  • Intensity control.


Recambios Odour Removal Columns

They are made up of a gel that, through sublimation, removes the molecules that cause the bad odour: ammonia, hydrogen sulphur and its organic derivatives (amines and mercaptans).

We offer different kinds of refills that remove all sorts of bad odours, and for those clients who want to remove the bad smell and freshen at the same time, they are also available with a light scent. All of them last up to 2 months.
Technical characteristics:

  • Weight: 40gr.
  • Packed in a sealed bag.

  • EcoPlus
    Ambientador Microspray
  • NebuMax
    Ambientador Ecoplus

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