Glueboard flykillers

Lampara Comercial 2

EuroServhi offers you the best and most effective range of glueboard flykillers on the market. These devices emit an ultra violet light that attracts flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects and trap them through adhesive boards.

The electric devices (insect electrocuters) cause the explosion of the insect, spreading its particles and polluting the environment. The Euroservhi glueboard flykillers trap the whole insect through some disposable adhesive boards. Due to this fact, they are a hygienic and safe solution.

We also have at our disposal several “Wall Light” versions, which conceal the adhesive boards and really look like a “Wall Light”. This is the best option for commercial areas and service-oriented establishments.

The commercial versions have a higher power and they suit the most demanding environments.

  • Dispensers
  • Dust control mats

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