Dust control mats

Alfombra Antisuciedad

The dust control mats for transit areas that EuroServhi places at your disposal help cause a good impression of your company on your clients, users and employees.

The EuroServhi mats have been especially designed to help keep your premises clean, and consequently, reach effective cleaning costs savings and a better cleaning service.

The dust control mats act as a barrier against external dust and it prevents it from spreading to the different areas of the company. It is recommended to place it in the following places:

  • Main entry.
  • Reception area.
  • Stair landings.
  • Transit areas.

They are made of the most resistant and reliable materials available in the market. The natural rubber base sticks to the floor preventing undesired movements and its nylon base triple plaiting hair makes it hold dirt and humidity uniquely. In addition to this, its texture and brightness is simply outstanding.

  • Dispensers
  • Glueboard flykillers

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